What is Affiliate Software?

Businesses With Several Affiliates

Affilaite tracking software enalbles you to assign credit referrers based on performance of clicks, confirmation of page views and impressions. One of the main reason to use this affilaite software is consolidation of data to provide powerful dashboard for affilaite marketers and advertisers so that all activity can be tracked and verified, transaction fees, payment balance, geography and more.

Many businesses make use of affiliate marketing to attract visitors to their websites. In affiliate marketing businesses put links which lead back to their own website site on other sites that belong to affiliates. As many businesses features several affiliates, it is must for them to track how much revenue each of them helps to generate and this is where affiliate tracking software is used.

Affiliate Tracking Software is used to track and and track some digital marketing technologies such as cost per lead and cost per action activities. Using affiliate software, one can easily track the referral, or recommendation made by an individual or a company to buy products or services from another person or company.

Affiliate marketing software has many useful features like:

  • Generating Tracking Codes
  • Tracking Time and Location
  • Tracking Source
  • Tracking Affiliate
  • Tracking GEO, ISP, Browser, Device, OS, IP etc.