Affiliate Link Styles

AffBerry is a flexible affiliate application that allows you to fully customize it to your needs. It supports a variety of affiliate link styles and you can easily choose the most suitable affiliate link style for your needs, with a single click.

Private Campaigns

Private campaigns allow you to define the visibility of your campaigns to your affiliates in multiple ways

  1. Public campaign – Visible to all affiliates
  2. Private – The merchant has to invite all affiliates, any they should have access to view campaign details

Multiple Currencies

Usually, if you sell your products in multiple countries and your pricing is based on their local currencies, you will need to track commissions for your affiliates in multiple currencies.

Tracking Methods

You can view detailed statistics about each banner created in AffBerry. You can compare different types of banners side-by-side, or analyze which types of banners are more effective in your affiliate program.

Quick Report

This report gives you a quick overview of all tracked events, such as impressions, clicks, sales and commissions, for periods of time that you select.

Mass Payments

You don’t need to lose time each month by paying your affiliates individually anymore. The extended functionality of Post Affiliate Pro allows you to define an unlimited number of payment methods for your affiliates. Then you can define your own export format for each payment method.

Action Commission

Most affiliate software have limitations that you can track only sales or leads. Post Affiliate Pro allows you to track ANY action and pay commissions per action (CPA) to your affiliates.

Multi Tier Commission

AffBerry offers a unique multi-level marketing feature that allows you to define commission structures for an unlimited number of tiers.

Direct Link Tracking

Direct Link tracking is the most advanced, SEO-friendly tracking tool available on the affiliate software market.

Image Banner

An Image Banner is a basic type of promotion material supported by AffBerry. It is a graphic image used to advertise a product or service.

Tracking Methods

Affberry is powerful affiliate tracking software with multiple unique tracking features.Tracking is most important feature of every affiliate software and defines new standards of visitors tracking with state of the art tracking methods like flash cookie tracking or direct link tracking.

Direct Links Tracking

Private Campaigns


Types Of Commission

With even the lowest-cost edition of Affberry, you can define an unlimited number of campaigns, and track various campaigns that are running for your shop or website. One installation of this allows you to track campaigns running on an unlimited number of websites and different domains.

Action Commissions

Lifetime Commission

Commission Groups

User Interface

Affberry has a unique and revolutionary user interface. In this section, we will try to list the most important features of the user interface implemented in Post Affberry.

Customizable Interface

Multilingual Support



We offer multiple comprehensive reports, giving you the power to effectively track the performance of your affiliate program. You can compare the side-by-side performance of affiliates, banner or campaigns, and much more.


Map Overlay Report

Top Affiliate Report

Promotion Materials

Next to some standard banner types such as Image, Link, HTML or Flash banners, We also offers some unique banner types, which you will not find in other affiliate softwares. Your campaigns can become more effective with new types of banners, including replicated sites.


Discount Coupons